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If your confident and competent in languages then please spend some time translating the short keyword file that is needed to offer the GNU.FREE client in another language.

This work is vital for the continued support of non-proprietary Internet Voting around the world.

What to do

Simply download which is the default keyword file for FreeClient in English (or one in another language from further down this page). (UNIX line-breaks)

Then translate the file in the following way. Each line of the file contains an entry like:

welcome = Welcome to GNU.FREE!

If I were to translate to this to French it would be:

welcome = Bienvenue a GNU.FREE!

So notice that the portion before the equals sign (=) remains unchanged as that's the keyword we search for which will deliver the text to the right. NOTE: I didn't put the accents in, but you should if you can.

When you're done email the finished file to including in the email the following information:

  • If you'd like to be responsible for this translation in future so that if we add new parts to the program the file will be updated to.
  • What your full name and permanent email is so that we can credit you in the AUTHORS file.
  • What language the file is in and from which country. By that we mean is it French from Canada or French from Rwanda or French from France? If it doesn't matter tell us the default country for the language - so in our example the default would be France.
Thank you for your time and support.

Languages currently available in GNU.FREE's FreeClient

  • Dutch (nl/NL) - [ Maintainer: Bart Lauwers <blauwers AT cisco DOT com> ]
    [ download file ]
  • English (en/GB) - [ default ]
    [ download file ]
  • French (fr/FR) - [ Maintainer: Raphael Rousseau <raph AT r4f DOT org> ]
    [ download file ]
  • German (de/DE) - [ Maintainer: Jörg Luther <jluther AT tecchannel DOT de> ]
    [ download file ]
  • Greek (el/GR) - [ Maintainer: Tsakaloglou Konstant <tsakf AT tee DOT gr> ]
    [ download file ]
  • Polish (pl/PL) - [ Maintainer: Tomasz Wegrzanowski <taw AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net> ]
    [ download file ]
  • Portugese-Brazillian (pt/BR) - [ Maintainer: Ricardo Andere de Mello <gandhi AT ilabs DOT com DOT br> ]
    [ download file ]
  • Russian, KOI8-R encoding (ru/RU) - [ Maintainer: Anton Voloshin <vav AT isv DOT ru> ]
    [ download file ]
  • Swedish (sv/SE) - [ Maintainer: <none> ]
    [ download file ]
  • Your Language and name here!

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